Attention, Hugh Hefner, Someone’s Misbehaving

Posted by admin on April 21st, 2009 — Posted in News from all over

A former employee of Playboy Enterprises is filing a lawsuit because he had been made marginal, supposedly because he was homosexual. Aside from disparaging remarks, Joseph DeAcetis stated that he was eventually removed from his post because of being gay.

The director of the branch of Playboy that he worked for called people like him ‘girls’. While such remarks could be tolerated to a certain degree, being unemployed simply because you’re different is plain wrong.

A person’s artistic capacity and diligence at work has no bearing on a person’s sexual orientation. In a heterogeneous world such as ours, there’s no reason to exclude people because of nonsensical differences. If these practices were tolerated, then what would become of the world?

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