Fish fillet machine

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Det finns tre stycken maskiner som jobbar med fisken. De maskinerna heter:  SEAC FPM-100, och är utformad för att producera HG produkten från pelagisk fisk. När manskinen uppfanns, uppmärksammades särskilt borgen [...]

Tips for maximizing the financial impact of resource measurements

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Live webinar date is Wednesday, March 20 at 2 PM Eastern. Now is the time to evaluate how additional measurements could be used to maximize wind project value. With the [...]

Capital Safety updates it i-Safe 3.0 line with Unitech Handheld unit and USB reader

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Capital Safety has introduced two new additions to its widely used i-Safe 3.0 Intelligent Safety System global product line – the Unitech PA690 Handheld Unit and the MX5 USB Reader [...]

GL RC certifies Siemens 6 MW turbine for Gunfleet Sands testing

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Siemens Wind Power has received offshore prototype certification from GL Renewables Certification (GL RC) for testing its new 6 MW offshore wind turbine at DONG Energy’s Gunfleet Sands III demonstration [...]

Shipping logistics services

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CS Cargo is one of the leading european company in the transport, shipping and logistics services industry. CS Cargo provides transportation by air, sea and road. Export sea transport is [...]

Ten Percent Unemployment Before 2010

Posted by admin on May 23rd, 2009 — Posted in World financial crisis

No matter what the EU leaders and G20 members say, unemployment is still soaring. In the United States, companies are still firing their employees to remain ahead in their game. [...]

Why Traders are Unique from Each Other

Posted by admin on May 22nd, 2009 — Posted in Politics & economics in the US

No matter how uniform the market seems to be, the mindsets involved in trading are often not. That’s why people should realize that investors have unique sets of belief that [...]

Some Clauses Most People Forget to Read

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We’re no strangers to fine print. In fact, people often regard the fine print as the fine dust that needs to be avoided when going into a contract. The less [...]

The Dual Nature of Real Property

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If you have a stable job and a family to protect and nourish, then you’re tied to the real estate industry no matter what. This is because your home itself [...]

The Organic Quality of Markets

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Let it be said that the US markets also follow basic Darwinian concepts. Forget about the whole book on natural selection. You should simply remember the basic postulate: the survival [...]